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Rates year 2007

My mum!


Paolo's Scooter Tours
Tour Rome and the Roman countryside by scooter with Paolo !

Ciao! Come touring with me!

I will take you to my place in Rome's countryside, once there give you a scooter and take you on wonderful tours!

Rome in Yellow and Segni in red


Tour the beautiful Roman countryside, enjoy your freedom touring on two wheels!

Not just scooter rental, I'll be leading you and showing you around my beautiful country.

I'll provide scooters guidance, and any kind of assistance needed, including hotel bookings and the possibility of doing the same tours by car if it rains.

My mum and her Vespa!

Find out about this beautiful part of Italy before masses of tourists discover it and enjoy it while it's still quiet and inexpensive!

Lots of history and art, quaint little towns, good wines, culinary specialties and breathtaking landscapes!