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Accommodations in Segni and surroundings6
Hotels and Bed & Breakfast accommodations in Segni and its surroundings


If you wish to stay in Segni, the town offers a very nice and quiet hotel which is famous in the area for its top quality restaurant visited daily by travelers but the locals who dine there regularly and especially in occasion of weddings or other events and when they have foreign guests to whom they want to present the best their town has to offer. The hotel is called "La Pace", (meaning Peace), and the name wants to communicate to the guests that they'll find peace and quite there! "La Pace" 3 stars, has a website which you can visit for more information also in English language www.albergo-lapace.it/index_uk.htm. Here on the right you can see a picture of "La Pace" restaurant. La Pace - The restaurant

Il Glicine - One of the rooms

Aside the above mentioned hotel, which is located just outside the old part of the town, in Segni you can also find accommodations right in the heart of the old medieval village. Mrs. Augusta Ciotti years ago bought the large, historical house that once belonged to Dr. Aminta Milani, one of the most prominent characters in the recent history of Segni and to whom one of the main streets of the town is dedicated. He used to be the personal doctor of the popes Pius XI and Pius XII. The house is very large and Mrs. Augusta decided to use the extra space to accommodate foreigners. The facility, called "Il Glicine" (wisteria) has three large rooms that can lodge up to seven people who have use of private bath, kitchen, living room and patio. Mrs. Augusta doesn't have her own website 

(she's not too keen about e-mail either) and she does not speak fluent English therefore, though I am listing here her contact information, I am afraid you'll have to book your rooms through me.


"Il Glicine" - owner: Augusta Ciotti

Address: Via Pietro Cossa, 7 -00037 Segni - Rome
Phone: +39-06-96767895
e-mail: augustaciotti@hotmail.com
Fax: +39-06-9702155

Besides these two places, which I consider the best accommodations in Segni, there other hotels and B&B's in Segni, but they're not in town, they are down in the valley and we'll only use them if we get really desperate...

Il Glicine - The patio

Hotel Igea in Fiuggi, the lobby

Rather than making my clients stay where I wouldn't stay myself, I would rather look for another good place in a nearby town. Not far from Segni, less than half an hour by car is Fiuggi. Fiuggi is another lovely little town, famous for its mineral waters since the 14th century, when they healed Pope Boniface VIII from his kidney stones. Later, even' Italy's most venerated artist, Michelangelo drank Fiuggi's water to get rid of "the only stone he couldn't love". Fiuggi today consists of two different towns, the old medieval town, once called Anticoli Campagna, on the hilltop, and the modern town in the valley, which developed to offer hospitality to those who want to benefit from the springs, is called Fiuggi Fonte.  Fiuggi Fonte is a lovely, pleasant modern town which really stands out amongst all the other places in the area. No narrow streets or steps to climb, but rather wide, flat streets sided by modern hotels, fashionable shops and outdoor cafés.
In Fiuggi there are several 4-star hotels with a price range between 80 and 150 Euros a night for a double room, depending on the hotel and the season, and a multitude of 3-star hotels with prices similar to Segni's La Pace. Finally there's a top deluxe hotel called Palazzo della Fonte. For those who like golfing, in Fiuggi there's a golf course that opened in 1928 and is one of the few in Italy that do not require membership to go and play. This means that you really don't need to worry about finding the right accommodation for you and that you can find other things to do around here if you don't want to spend the whole time riding a scooter! If all of these shouldn't be enough and you wanted something more thrilling, than you can stay at the castle in Fumone where they rent two rooms for 165 Euros a night each.

Fumone - One of the rooms in the castle.