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The scooters

When I decided to buy the scooters, then I needed to decide which scooters to buy!  I really would have liked to purchase medium sizes ones, about 250 cc but, besides the fact that I don't really know how successful this adventure is going to be and it is therefore advisable to invest in it as little as possible, I was practically obliged to buy smaller ones. In fact I don't think that most of my clients will have a special license for driving motorcycles, which is what the Italian law requires to drive scooters and motorcycles over 125 cc. In Italy anyone in possess of a car driver's license can drive a scooter up 125 cc. At this point I needed to choose a scooter that wasn't too costly, but provided enough comfort and power for two people.

Aprilia Sportcity 125
Front lights

Storage compartment under the saddle

  The biggest in size of the 125's is the Aprilia Sportcity 125 which, not only is pretty big and rather powerful in spite of the small engine, but also has big wheels, which are better for stability and absorbing shocks. For most of the scooter tours that I did, my clients were couples and the ladies rode with their husbands or boy friends, that's why I thought I needed a scooter for two. Yes, I could have gotten 125 cc motorcycles, but driving a scooter is a lot easier than a motorbike. Transmission is automatic and the brakes are on the handle bar just like they are on a bicycle. Nothing easier! No complications, just fun! Also, motorbikes have no space where to store your helmet, your jacket and your camera. Instead, under the saddle of the scooter you have enough space for a helmet and a jacket while another helmet and another jacket can be stored in the back case,
Tail lights Storage compartment under the handle bar

so when you stop to visit one of these little towns, you don't need to worry about carrying all the stuff with you. You can just pack everything in the scooter and walk away with free hands! No special equipment is needed to ride a scooter, except for the helmet that you MUST wear. No special jackets or leather outfits, the scooter is very protective and as long as you wear a jacket to protect yourself from the wind, you're OK. That is why scooters are so common and you see girls on stilettos and business man in a suit riding them. But a motorbike is a motorbike, and if you are a biker you know what I'm talking about! I love motorcycles! I'm hoping that, in the future, I'll have enough requests to allow me to buy also some real motorcycles. Only experience will tell me if my clients will prefer a comfortable tour bike or a sports one or maybe

On the run!
just a more powerful scooter than a 125 cc. For now I have to start with scooters even a grandmother can drive, but if everything goes well I would to buy bikes for the "professionals". I'll have wait to see, but though it is in my dreams to have bikes for everyone's taste and skills, for now just be happy to tour on the Aprilia Sportcity 125's!
Aprilia Sportcity 125