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Tour from Segni to Castelgandolfo and Nemi.

This itinerary is about 100 kilometers (65 miles) and takes about 8 hours. I understand perfectly that, though the scooters are very comfortable, for someone who's not used to spending a lot of time on a motorbike this could be too much. Or simply one could just want to indulge longer in one place and skip something. If I had to take two places out of this itinerary, I guess they would be... I'll let you decide, I like them all! J


Distance Time
Highlights of the day: Castelgandolfo and Nemi. Segni - Artena 13 km (8 Miles) 15 min.
Total range: 100 kilometers (65 miles). Artena - Marino 27 km (17 Miles) 40 min.

Total time: 8 hours.

Marino - Castelgandolfo 5 km (3 Miles) 10 min.
  Castelgandolfo - Nemi 9 km (5.5 Miles) 15 min.
Map   Nemi - Rocca Massima 27 km (17 Miles) 40 min.
  Rocca Massima - Segni 13 km (8 Miles) 15 min.
Tour description
In case it should rain, or if anyone should feel comfortable riding a scooter, we will tour by car or minivan.
We leave Segni around 9:00 am, or earlier, heading for Artena. We can actually climb up the hill and walk around its narrow cobblestone streets and steps. Yes, Artena is one of those cities where the streets are so steep that they have to have steps and so walking is the word... After a look around we proceed to Marino. The drive is very pleasant, the road is pleasantly shade by woods of chestnut trees populated by alien creatures who'll try to get your attention and stop, but you'll ignore them and keep going. The next place where we'll stop is Marino a lovely little town known for its wine and especially for its wine festival the "Sagra dell'uva" which takes place the first Sunday of October. During this event the fountain in the town's main square spills wine! Fill your glass if you can! After a look around in Marino, visiting its baroque church and looking at the view, Marino - The fountain spilling wine during the "Sagra dell'Uva"
Castelgandolfo - View of the lake from Bucci's".

finally we'll reach Castelgandolfo, where we can also have lunch in at the very nice restaurant "Bucci", sitting on a terrace overlooking the lake. As an alternative you may want to snack with some "porchetta" cheese and white wine down by the lake. I you want you can also go for a swim in the lake's water, clear but not cold! Castelgandolfo is a lovely little town, world famous for being the seat for the Pope's Summer Residence. You'll find it pleasant to walk its streets and peep into its shops. The general area is known for its wines, mostly whites, and there are a couple of shops in the town that will be pleased to let you sample them. From Castelgandolfo, via a lovely road sided by woods, we ride to Nemi, another lovely little town overlooking another lovely lake.

Nemi is also known for its tiny, little and very tasty strawberries which you may want to sample. We can look around the town and also ride down to the lake. The road down to the lake is very nice you ride through orchards, grape vines and green houses where they grow the famous strawberries. The road is narrow and paved with cobblestones, very difficult to drive a car on it, but very pleasant when you're riding a motorcycle, though you have to be a little careful. If you missed the opportunity of going for a swim in Castelgandolfo, you can do it here where the water is even warmer because it's shallower. Both lakes, Castelgandolfo and Nemi where originally craters of volcanoes and, on the opposite side of Nemi's crater is another cute little town called Genzano, so we'll climb back up on the side of Genzano and start heading back for Segni. We'll reach Segni via Rocca Massima and we can stop there to walk its narrow streets,  look at the view which extends all the way to the sea and catch breath before getting on the lovely winding road that unravels through beautiful woods of chestnut trees to cover the few kilometers that still separate us from Segni. Nemi - view of the Duomo church through the street.
Here below is a map with the itinerary. 5TOP 5
Itinerary from Segni to Castelgandolfo and Nemi
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