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Tour from Segni to Tivoli

This itinerary is about 130 kilometers (80 miles) and takes about 8 hours. Tivoli is our target, Zagarolo and Palestrina are attractive cities as well, but will be just rest stops for us, 50 kilometers could be too much in one drag.


Distance Time
  Segni - Palestrina 25 km (16 Miles) 35 min.
Highlight of the day: Tivoli. Palestrina - Tivoli 28 km (17,5 Miles) 40 min.
Total range: 130 km (80 miles). Tivoli - Zagarolo 25 km (16 Miles) 30 min.

Total time: 8 hours.

Zagarolo - Segni 30 km (19 Miles) 40 min.
In case it should rain, or if anyone should feel comfortable riding a scooter, we will tour by car or minivan.
Tour description
We leave Segni around 9:00 am, or earlier, heading for Tivoli. On the way there, we'll stop in Palestrina, a lovely little town half way between Segni and Tivoli. We'll stay just long enough to stretch our legs and drink a "Cappuccino" or a soda, even if this town deserves more time for its importance, but our target today is Tivoli. Of the small towns in Lazio, (Latium, the region Rome is in), maybe the most famous. Another one of the many town that were actually before Rome and certainly very interesting from the tourists point of view. The most famous places in Tivoli are the Villa D'Este (UNESCO world heritage site) and Hadrian's Villa. The first of these two is a villa that was built, converting an older monastery, for the cardinal Ippolito II D'Este, son of Alfonso I D'Este and Tivoli - The" Pescherie" (fishponds).
Tivoli - Fountains

Lucrezia Borgia, in 1550, when he became the governor of the town. He hired for the job the architect Pirro Ligorio, ex student of Michelangelo, Taking advantage of the fact that the villa was on top of a very steep slope and that Tivoli was so reach with water spring to be often flooded, a  "garden of fountains" was created as a decoration to the villa. and so the place became, already then, famous for its giochi d'acqua, "water games". Arriving in Tivoli this will be the first place we'll visit and it will take one hour and a half to do. By the time we'll come out of the place we'll all be hungry and so we'll go and walk the town's typical medieval streets to look for a trattoria before we continue to Hadrian's Villa. This was the Villa of the Emperor Hadrian who had it built as a remote retreat

for he disliked to live in Rome. The villa occupied one square kilometer (250 acres), consisted of more than thirty main buildings, and needed the attentions of 15,000 people between craftsmen, attendants, fireman etc. It seems that the Emperor, who spent most of his time traveling throughout the Empire and had any building he saw anywhere during his trips replicated in his villa, only lived the last two years of his life in Tivoli. The visit will take about one hour during which we'll see what's left of the villa after it was used for centuries as a marble quarry, which is what happened after all to all the ancient Roman building all over Europe. The worst came when the Cardinal Ippolito II D'Este was building his villa in the city of Tivoli, this is where most of the marble needed came from. Villa D'Este - The 100 fountains
Hadrian's Villa  - The thermal baths. We'll finally leave Hadrian's Villa and head back toward Segni stopping in Zagarolo. Once again a charming little medieval town known for its wine and for its name which in Italian sounds kind of funny and the Romans have always being making fun of people from Zagarolo. In Rome, to be from Zagarolo has always meant to be uneducated and uncivilized and the inhabitants of this town always hesitated before saying where they where from wishing they could say another name! Now it isn't so anymore, because after the prices of the real estate in Rome became unaffordable for most people, many from Rome moved to the little towns in the surroundings and Zagarolo is one of the places they moved to. We'll stop there to stretch our legs and eventually to enjoy some of the local wine before getting back on the road home.
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From Segni to Tivoli
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