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Tour from Segni to Patrica and Carpineto
San Vito      
This itinerary is about 100 kilometers (65 miles) and takes about 8 hours. I understand perfectly that, though the scooters are very comfortable, for someone who's not used to spending a lot of time on a motorbike this could be too much. Or simply one could just want to indulge longer in one place and skip something. If I had to take two places out of this itinerary, I guess they would be... I'll let you decide, I like them all! J


Distance Time
  Segni - Gorga 16 km (10 Miles) 25 min.
Highlights of the day: Patrica and Carpineto. Gorga - Sgurgola 11 km (7 Miles) 15 min.
Total range: 100 km (65 miles). Sgurgola - Morolo 5 km (3 Miles) 10 min.

Total time: 8 hours.

Morolo - Supino 6 km (3.5 Miles) 10 min.
  Supino - Patrica 3 km (1.5 Miles) 10 min.
Map Patrica - Maenza 25 km (15 Miles) 35 min.
  Maenza - Carpineto 17 km (10.5 Miles) 25 min.
  Carpineto - Segni 16 km (10 Miles) 25 min.
In case it should rain, or if anyone should feel comfortable riding a scooter, we will tour by car or minivan.
Tour description
We leave Segni around 9:00 am, or earlier, heading for Gorga. Gorga is a very small town just on the mountain opposite Segni, nothing really special there, historically speaking, except for the fountain on the main square with a statue representing a young shepherd girl which dates back to the 1800's. But it's worth riding the road to to the place, with its fun 12 hairpins and its enjoyable panoramas. From Gorga we descend to Sgurgola. To be honest I must say this town looks better from the outside than from the inside. I mean that the view of Sgurgola, as it appears in front of you while driving to it, is really nice but the city has been modernized in the wrong way and driving through its streets is a little disappointing, bust outside Sgurgola though, is this cute, little medieval chapel, dedicated to St. Mary of the Viano, which has been recently restored very accurately and it's surely worth stopping at. Continuing our ride, we arrive then in Morolo. its main street is dominated by the "Collegiata" church sided by inviting outdoor cafés where you might want to have an ice-cream or a drink. Gorga - The "Pastorella" fountain
Sgurgola - St. Mary of the Viano. From Morolo we ride to Supino, another little town which is influenced by the nearby Frosinone which is the largest, and most industrialized, town in the area. The out skirts of Supino are pretty modern, they even have a jet-fighter as a monument on the street, but the old city center is just as old as the other towns we'll have passed in the morning. Depending on the time that will still be available to us, we might want to stroll its streets before we get back on the scooter to ride to Patrica, where we'll have our lunch in a typical trattoria. Patrica is even closer than Supino to Frosinone and its territory, down in the valley is full of modern industries, but the old city still sits on top of the hill by itself, as if it snobbishly assisted indifferent to the stressful modern life from the distance untouched by it. There trattoria where I like to have lunch in Patrica serves home made typical local foods and they are known for their home made pasta. You can eat while your meal while looking at the panorama of the valley below. From Patrica we start heading back towards Segni. We'll be stopping first in Maenza to walk its narrow streets and admire its castle, and then we'll enjoy the ride through the Monti Lepini to Carpineto,
Carpineto Romano is another nice little town on the Lepini Mountains famous for being the birthplace of Pope Leo XIII famous for the encyclical Rerum Novarum which is practically a letter that the Pope wrote to all the bishops to encourage them to support the workers in their struggle to obtain better working conditions and to keep them away from communism. We can stop and look around Carpineto before returning to Segni. Between Carpineto and Segni is the town of Montelanico, another lovely little place where you might want to stop and look around, but what I suggest is to go back there to dine at the  "Vecchio Frantoio", one of my favored restaurants in the area housed in and old oil mill (frantoio in Italian) run by young but dedicated people who serve fantastic local specialties and wines for a very moderate price. Dinner normally costs 20.00 Euros per person including wines. From Montelanico, it'll be a fairly short ride to get back to Segni. Carpineto Romano - The church of St. Augustine.
View of Sgurgola  
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 From Segni to Patrica and Carpineto
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Restaurant "Vecchio Frantoio" in Montelanico
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