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Tours in the countryside near Rome
Trisulti & Fumone Sermoneta & Valvisciolo Castelgandolfo & Nemi San Vito & Anagni
Tivoli Palestrina & Mentorella Patrica & Carpineto Rome

In case of rain, or if anyone shouldn't feel comfortable
riding a scooter, we will tour by car or minivan.


Touring the Roman countryside on a motorbike is surely a pleasant experience. Very little traffic on the country roads, the chaos of the big city seems to be a lot more than just 50 kilometers (35 Miles) away! Is so relaxing to ride at a slow pace admiring nature and exploring little towns very seldom visited by foreign tourists. This is an area that the masses of tourists haven't yet discovered and the places you visit haven't yet been filled with shops selling all kinds of souvenirs for the tourists. Walking though the silent narrow streets, you can almost hear the history told by the sturdy stone walls, and you want to whisper your comments as if you

were in a church, but then you hear the sound of dishes being washed and the smell of food coming from a kitchen and you realize that you're not disturbing ghosts, you're walking through the streets of a town that's very lively, but not full of tourists! Riding the scooter over the lush hills, smelling nature while admiring landscapes with the wind on your face. This, by itself, is an enchanting adventure, but all is enhanced

by the expectation of the surprises the next town will have for you. The region produces also some very fine wines like the Cesanese del Piglio or the Cesanese di Olevano, (a red, full body wine), the Passerina (a good white dry wine) and therefore it will not be difficult to visit a winery during the tours. But the best is always to enjoy the wine with your meals and the area offers very good food. Not many fancy restaurants in the region, mostly enjoyable family operated Trattorias where the food you enjoy has nothing to do with the Nouvelle Cuisine, just genuine local specialties like Strozzapreti  or Abbacchio alla Cacciatora and pecorino cheese.