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Tours off the beaten track in the country near Rome 6

Tours of Rome and surroundings by scooter, motorcycle, car or minivan
Me, Paolo Apolloni on my scooter, a Yamaha X-Max 250

My name is Paolo Apolloni and I am already well known for my driving tours around Rome and Italy (www.drivinguide.com).

I am fluent in English and Spanish, plus I speak enough French, German and Japanese to take people on tours. My experience in this business goes back some thirty-five years, for I started very young working for my father who was in the field since the end of World War II. Actually, before I became old enough to drive a car, I have taken people sightseeing around Rome on my Vespa. When I was young, I also worked as a tour conductor and traveled with large groups all over Italy and Europe. I was born and raised in Rome, but now I live in the countryside south of Rome, with my wife and my son, in a town called Segni. I have been working with people from all over the world, but generally my clients are from USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Mexico and other countries in South America, Japan, Germany,


Holland, France. I mostly commute to the city and do sightseeing tours of Rome and/or its surroundings, when I'm not engaged for multiple days to travel in other parts of Italy. I also work with cruisers a lot, taking them on tours from the ports of Civitavecchia and Naples or arranging shore excursions for them from ports that are too far for me to reach, like Sicily or Livorno. I drive people around in my minivan or in my car, depending on how large the group is, and I narrate as I drive and when possible, depending on the local rules and/or availability of parking spaces,

Exploring Valvisciolo Abbey
My wife Keiko, my son Yoske and I on my old faithful BMW GS 80

I accompany my clients to visit, churches, excavations sites, museums etcetera... For example, I have no problem guiding people through the Vatican Museums, but to visit the excavations of the city of Pompeii, because of restrictions, my clients have to hire a local guide. My knowledge of art and and history of my country is such that sometimes people ask if during the winter months, when the tourist business is slow, I teach history or art in school! Well I don't and I don't think I could, I am a self taught person and as such I have deep knowledge of some matters and great lacks in others, but I know well the places where I take do my tours and sometimes I can read on my clients faces that I'm giving more information than they expected... or wanted!

This is what I have been doing so far and what I'll keep doing, but what is really fun to do, and what I want to make people do, is tour tour around by motorcycle of scooter.

When I was young I had lots of hobbies, I practiced Aikido, rode a bicycle and swam a lot, but motorcycles have always been my favored! I even did some racing, but what I've always loved to do is to ride in the country off the main roads and discover new places.This is something I still love to do when I'm not working, though I know it sound as silly as if a postman went for a walk in his free time, I do enjoy it. Another thing is that when I find a knew place that I like, I want to show it to my family and friends. Before my son was born, I used to take my wife everywhere on

My son Yoske on his pocket bike at age nine.
Emilio and Roberto visiting Sermoneta.

my  motorcycle, though she wasn't too keen on riding, and after the kid was born we just made room for him on the saddle! Yeah, I know it's not legal... The first time I took my son on a bike ride he was three months old and I bought him his first motorcycle when he was three years old. He then did his first pocket-bike race when he was seven. He is fifteen now and, on open roads he can only ride a 50cc bike and I bought him a little "enduro" bike so we can go riding together on dirt roads and, when he's not busy with school, he goes along with my scooter tours giving a hand when necessary.

But who really I really got involved with my touring are my friends and colleagues Emilio and Roberto. We go together to explore new places to take people to (including the sacrifice of trying new restaurants!), but of course the only time we can do that is in the winter, so we get all bundled up in warm cloths and go. Though it gets pretty cold, fortunately it doesn't snow around here and rains little, so we can take advantage of many beautiful cold sunny days. Well, now that you know who I am, I hope one day you'll want to come meet me and my family (here is my wife Keiko and below my son Yoske) and let me take you on these fantastic tours!


My wife Keiko
Yoske on his pocket bike at age 10 My son Yoske
Motorcycle riding with my son Yoske: before...  and after!
Motorcycle riding with my son Yoske: before... ... and after!